High Performance Teams

Building a High Performance Team is not necessarily difficult, but it is a process. Team members have to come together in a cohesive way but to achieve this, they need to understand and adopt team values, norms, behaviours and goals that may typically be quite different from those which occur naturally to them.

Developing a high-performing team is also not achieved overnight, but the results are worth it. They have higher morale, engagement and productivity and lower turnover. Problem solving is welcomed and silos are broken down. Information is shared more readily as team results are embraced and become the focus of everyone.

While the generic characteristics of high performance teams may be reasonably well known, each team is different. Their strengths, challenges and team behaviours will be a unique mix. So, when developing your team(s), it is important to understand what is really required.

For example, High Trust is a key criteria in building a High Performance Team, but what is the trust actually like in your team? Is the trust high or low? If it is low, why? And, how can you improve it? If it is high, why is the team not coming together to achieve the results you know they are capable of?

This is where HPT assists, and why we develop and implement bespoke programmes. If you are going to invest in growing your team, why not focus on what matters the most!