About Us

High Performance Teams are more than a group of individuals working together with increased productivity. These teams are cohesive, have higher morale and increased engagement.  They become a ‘team of choice’ drawing people to them. With the Great Resignation occurring all over the world, team environment and engagement has never been more important.

High Performance Teams Ltd (HPT) works with you to grow team engagement, capacity and performance by implementing targeted behavioural change programmes.

HPT  training facilitates long-term change by first identifying the areas where growth is required in your team. We then develop and implement a plan based on your specific requirements.

Our programmes also identify and grow Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) and Social Intelligence (SQ).

Established in 2014, HPT Ltd is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

“As a Capacity Trainer my passion is to see individuals and teams thriving and working at their maximum potential in the workplace; where behaviours are healthy and productive, personal capacities are realised, and people are equipped to cope with the increased pressure and rapidity of change that is demanded in the modern agile workplace.
    “My goal in working with clients is to facilitate high performance and increased personal satisfaction by removing limiting mindsets and behaviours that can be barriers to success.

Megan Dawson, Director