DISC and Five Behaviors

Research has shown behavioural profiling builds High Performance Teams. In High Performance Teams, members must have clear awareness of their own core behavioural preferences and those of other team members in order to be adaptive and agile when working together. DISC creates this awareness.

DISC and Five Behaviors workshops build communication, trust, collaboration and engagement. DISC is now the world’s most used behavioural profiling system due to the quality of information and the ease of interpretation.

HPT’s Director, Megan Dawson is a highly experienced DISC Practitioner having run DISC Certifications and workshops since 2014 and more recently DISC Flow® for which she is also a Master Trainer.

DISC Workshops

Good communication between staff, clients and others is essential to developing healthy, productive workplaces and teams.

Used around the world by millions of clients, DISC profiles build effective workplace communications and interactions.

DISC is a highly precise tool that identifies an individual’s preferred behavioural style and communication preferences. It also provides a blueprint to help people understand and appreciate what motivates others.

The DISC model measures and describes four styles of behaviour; DominanceInfluenceSteadinessCompliance.

By understanding their behavioural preferences, team members are equipped to be adaptive and maximise their workplace interactions.

HPT facilitate a range of workshops including individual, agile, conflict, leadership, and group profiles. For even greater impact DISC profiles can be combined with Emotional Intelligence.

For more information about the DISC model, please click on the live links above.

I am the current Treasurer of NZATS (New Zealand Anaesthetic Technician Society).

From the instant I chatted to Megan I felt her complete engagement and energy for what she does…SO we enlisted Megan’s services, and we have no doubt it was the absolute correct move for us. The professionalism has been outstanding from the initial engagement…On the day of training Megan engaged the group instantly and her passion for DISC is evident from the outset.

We were very pleased with the day and the complete engagement we got from the group who are a diverse range of characters. We feel that not only we can use the DISC information to help us in the Exam setting but that everyone involved will have taken something of value back to their workplace. I totally look forward to working with Megan and  DISC in the future.

Leanne Morrison, Reg Nurse/ Reg Anaesthetic Technician, NZATS Treasurer

Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors model comprises five interrelated behaviours proven to build cohesive teams, where members have goals and priorities larger than their own individual concerns.

Profiling, metrics and reporting are both on a team and individual basis. While the team metrics allow the team to measure their own performance against five behaviours (TRUST – CONFLICT – COMMITMENT – CONFLICT – RESULTS), the personal DISC based reporting enables individuals to understand how their own behavioural preferences directly impact the team. Teams can be retested multiple times to determine how they are growing in these behaviours.

Five Behaviors is run from one to two day retreats, but can be broken into sequential workshops.

Being a team that was newly formed, we wanted to get to know each other better and to improve our effectiveness as a functional group. Using the ‘Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team’ as a framework for learning and working with Megan, we achieved a visible shift in our trust for one another through improved self and team awareness, which positively influenced our accountability and commitment towards achieving greater results. Highly recommended.” 

Dan Finn – People, Safety and Wellness Manager, Hamilton City Council

DISC Flow Master Trainer